How to Support Our Legacy Museum

Interested in supporting Our Legacy Museum? Great! We have many different ways for you to show your support.

Oral Histories

Our Legacy Museum is collecting oral histories from people who can share stories about the African-American community in Griffin-Spalding between 1925 – 1975. We are interested in narratives about Vocational High School, Fairmont High School, the local Civil Rights movement, desegregation, and everyday life during that time.

If you are the child of or descendant of someone who experienced life in Griffin-Spalding during that time, then we would like to hear from you as well! Please feel free to share your family’s history with us and preserve it for generations to come.

We are able to collect oral histories via Zoom and in-person, and we will make every possible accommodation for you to share your story. Please contact us at 770-228-4120 if you have any questions.


We are collecting clothing items, objects, photos, sports memorabilia, and more to become part of the permanent collection of Our Legacy Museum. These items would be gifted into the care of Spalding County and the Museum Curator to be preserved and displayed in the museum.* We are specifically interested in the time period of 1925 – 1975, but we will protect and conserve an item from any era that helps to fulfill the museum’s mission to “present the inspiring historical and cultural experiences of Griffin-Spalding’s African-American community within a regional and national context.”

Our Legacy Museum will accept both donations and loans for items. Please contact us at 770-228-4120 if you have any questions.

*We cannot guarantee that every donated item will be continuously displayed within the museum. Whether or not an object will be displayed will be determined by the Collections and Interpretation Committees based on current exhibit plans, available space, and the quality of the object.

Honorary Brick and Historic Fairmont Gym Floor Pieces

You are welcome to purchase honorary paver bricks that will be placed in the landscaping of the museum, marking your contribution to this project. You can also preserve a piece of the Historic Fairmont Gym for your home collection and share countless memories of basketball games or school dances with your loved ones.

Proceeds from your purchases aid in the creation of museum exhibits that will share Griffin-Spalding’s African-American narrative for years to come.

Pieces of Historic Fairmont Gym are limited! Purchase yours before they’re gone!

Bricks and gym floor pieces can be purchased online with a debit/credit card or in person with cash or debit/credit card at the Leisure Services Administration Office (843 Memorial Drive), the Senior Center (841 Memorial Drive), or Fairmont Community Center (241 Blanton Ave).

For questions, please call the Leisure Services office at 770-228-4120.

Financial Support

Our Legacy Museum also accepts support in the form of financial gifts. We are greatly appreciative of your continued support of this project, and no amount is too small. Please contact us at 770-228-4120 to know how to make your contribution today.